Clinical Equipoise

Clinical equipoise defines the ethical standard for including a patient in a clinical trial.

The standard of ‘clinical equipoise’ is met “if there is genuine uncertainty within the expert medical community – not necessarily on the part of the individual investigator – about the preferred treatment.”
— Freedman, B. (1987) ‘Equipoise and the ethics of clinical research’. The New England Journal of Medicine, 317, (3):141-145.

For more, see the Wikipedia page: Clinical Equipoise.

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  1. […] At this point, it’s clear that clinical equipoise, in this case, no longer exists, if it ever did. The standard of care is a drug no oncologist wants […]

  2. […] here before, the ethical standard for enrolling patients in a trial is provided by the notion of clinical equipoise — basically there has to be some legitimate disagreement in the expert community about the […]

  3. […] among experts to warrant subjecting humans to the risks. That’s the point of the notion of clinical equipoise. We don’t test hunches on humans, even when those hunches are supported by anecdotal […]

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