Guest post Friday on the Social Science Research News Blog

Today I wrote a guest blog entry for the Social Science Research News Blog. Every Friday, they ask a guest blogger to author the post. It’s a great blog to follow for anyone interested in social science research.

Here is how the blog is described: “Social Science Research News is a collection of news and scholarly works on the science – and art – of publishing and research in the social sciences. Each post will conclude with a call for your comments – share your experiences with the topic.”

For my guest post, I’ve written a short and quite general piece on the issue of coercion in social science research. Have a read and make sure that while you’re there, you check out the rest of the blog or sign up to follow them on Twitter.

Here’s the link directly to today’s blog entry: Guest Post Friday – Coercion in Research.

~ by Nancy Walton on March 28, 2009.

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