Research Ethics on the Business Ethics Blog

Research ethics often intersects with the corporate world. So it’s not surprising that issues relevant to research ethics have popped up from time to time on my other blog, the Business Ethics Blog. Those of you not already familiar with that blog might be interested to see some of the research ethics-related blog entries from the BEB over the last couple of years:

It’s worth pointing out that the business ethics perspective on the events discussed in those blog entries is likely to be interestingly different from the perspective of people versed in research ethics or bioethics. At some level, ethics is ethics, but business ethics is its own academic field, with its own intellectual history. If nothing else, it’s worth taking a glance to see how familiar problems get framed differently by someone whose audience is concerned with understanding ethical issues from the point of view of corporate behaviour, generally.

~ by Nancy Walton on December 3, 2008.

One Response to “Research Ethics on the Business Ethics Blog”

  1. Great list of interesting posts on the BEB. I’m a big fan.

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